Sunfor Light, lights up your live.

Wherever there is lights, our LED lighting will provide the energy saving solution with longer life span.
With New generation ACRE technology, most of our indoor LED products are adopted by AC driven, that means without external / built-in Driver.


  • Does not need additional driver
  • The weight and maintenance cost is reduced
  • Power conversion loss is eliminated
  • Low energy consumption but high luminous efficiency (better brightness)
  • No-driver technology has overcome the LED driver failure issue due to overheat, thus the Lifetime is much Longer

Second Generation Design for T5 /T8 LED Tubes:

  • Does not need to remove the existing electronic ballast and user friendly.
  • No built-in driver and does not need to rewire the circuitry from the existing fixture.
  • It can also work on existing ‘battery pack’ emergency lighting system, 100% ‘plug & play’ solution.
  • Low lumen depreciation LED chips with long life span.
  • Quick start, does not need to distinguish the polarities, simple installation, high efficiency, constant current, no noise, no strobe and stable working.
  • It is cost effective and designed for 100% direct retrofit to traditional fluorescent lamp.